Monday, August 31, 2009

Insomnia sucks

I didn't even drink coffee or Coke. Those are usually the culprits. Guess I just have a lot on my mind.

We had a super weekend. My cleaning partner got married. We didn't go, staying home to babysit Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Wonderful daughter so she could go with the Estrogen Crew.

JC refused to sleep over so she ended up coming to pick up both boys at midnight. Dome even wanted to go home but only because his nana was unhappy with him. We started off well, he even came to work with me Saturday afternoon.

His terms for coming to dust baseboards was one slurpee and one box of ice cream bars. That's a bit more than I pay my cleaning partner but he's so much cuter than she is, I readily agreed.
I ended up having heart palpatations at the end of the job so his treat was postponed a bit. But he did get his payment. The problems started when we ran the gift to the wedding reception and then took the boys to Mickey D's for dinner and the playplace.
Dom just wouldn't listen the way he usually does and I ended up telling him off for it. Usually he is very good and very obedient. So, for us to be at loggerheads was upsetting for us both.

The long and short of it was, when he heard JC was getting picked up, he decided to go home too.

Sunday we had a belated 29th wedding anniversary dinner at Moxie's. It was pretty good. they are not my favorite restaurant by any stretch of the imagination and I've actually boycotted the one by our home but they recently renovated so we decided to walk over. It's a 3 minute walk from our condo.

We had their bruschetta, wine, caesars (for moi) and I had the salmon and he had the vindaloo beef. We enjoyed the conversation and great service. It was a nice way to celebrate 29 years of putting up with each other and 4 years of wedded bliss. (I'm paraphrasing here). lol

Next year, we might have a little shindig since we ended up cancelling the plans for our 25th anniversary due to some family issues at the time. Ah, drama drama.

Anyways, I had more energy to get up and go this past weekend and my clothes are definitely looser. I love my Apidexin. Wait, did I already say that??

Goals for this week, besides getting to bed a t a decent hour include more water each day, keeping a food (calorie) journal and continuing to walk Mr Tikki every day. Oh yeah, and to clip the bad boy pink poodle too.

Sounds like a full week!


  1. Glad to hear that you had a nice dinner with least, I'm surmising that's who you had that nice dinner with at Moxie's, even if you can't talk about him....

  2. Happy 29th.
    Sorry to hear about the insomnia.

  3. Glad you had a good dinner with "the man". Hope everything is ok with the old ticker. Sorry to hear the boys didn't want to stay but I'm sure sleeping in on Sunday morning felt nice.