Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 1 Apidexin

So, my long awaited pills finally came in the mail today. I’m not sure why I had to pay $16 shipping and then another $10 C.O.D. when they arrived. Pretty expensive delivery. If they work, I will be ordering larger quantities to make it more worthwhile next time.

I chose these pills because they have the most natural ingredients of any out there and are highly rated by all the diet sites. They have brown kelp which is supposed to be really good as well. Oh, and not much caffeine. Just by looking at me, you’d never guess I’m such a health nut. *snort*

At the best of times I shake like a wino due to my bad nerves, so I didn’t want anything that would make me twitch more. I worry that complete strangers would be trying to shove a popsicle stick between my teeth to protect me during what would be interpreted as a seizure. If I’m lucky it would just be a popsicle stick and not a branch off a nearby tree.

So, the Apidexin experiment:
I took one pill with a lot of water and then had breakfast about 40 minutes later. I couldn’t finish my cereal. I was just too full. Tikki was thrilled as the most he ever gets is one or two Cheerios.
At lunch time I had another pill, then 30 minutes later a bit of tuna and a pluot. As well as a lot of water. I was stuffed again. Dinner was 1 1/3 cup of pasta and 1 cup of Caesar salad. Not the best choice but Dar ordered it in while I was having a nap.

I wasn’t feeling the best. I think it’s the detox pills that came with the Apidexin. Wonderful Daughter and I had gone to run some errands this afternoon and I wasn’t feeling quite right so I laid down when I got back. Since I was able to fall right to sleep, (once Tikki was persuaded to stop barking at nothing) I don’t think there is much caffeine in these pills.

I didn’t get to the swimming pool. Again. Or out for a walk. Again.
But, I did watch what I ate and drank plenty of water. So, all in all, I consider it a good day. The only thing is, I feel weird. Stop it. I mean Weirder than usual. My skin feels like it’s in place but the flesh underneath feels like it is quivering, like gelatin.

Hopefully this feeling goes away soon. Along with the fat...

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