Thursday, August 6, 2009

Goal for today

I've decided to copy some of the things Dawn at Fixing Myself Thinner does. She has had amazing sucess.

So, today I am going to:

1) Wear my new pedometer
2) Measure 2 walking routes with the car
3) Drink at least a gallon of water
4) Stay close to the bathroom

More later.


  1. Good for you, baby!

    I'd just like to point out that your pedometer also measures distance in it's creepy voice...and your kickstart pills should be here soon, right?


  2. Oh, to be honest, my pedometer sounds like Stephen Hawking did the recording for it. I didn't know what it was saying...

    Maybe you could show me the various functions?

    No pills today. Maybe tomorrow.

  3. Do you wear the pedometer all day long? I used to wear one when I worked as a cook - it's amazing how many miles you can put on walking from the fryer to the prep table a gazillion times a day!

    (My word verification was miasocki. For some reason, that cracks me up!)

  4. I wear it all day long. I used to wear mine when I worked for Grey Power Ins. I had to log 2,000 steps per day. It was a great pedometer until it drown in a puddle in the parking lot.
    I suspected suicide. Like my Playtex Living Bra, it was leading an empty life.

    Excuse me now, I'm off to mix up another pitcher of miasockis.

  5. I went back to read your earlier posts and realized "oh I've been here before" "this is the funny lady" lol. I've put you in my list now so I won't loose my way again. Thanks for mentioning me *smile*. You know I haven't worn my pedometer in ages so I'm going to have to dig it out of the drawer now and buy a new battery for it lol. Thanks.