Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Caught Red-Handed

You are looking at the evidence of a diseased mind.
I have red palms and fingers.

And a pink poodle who is pretty upset with me. Fortunately for his breed, he is clever enough to know how to get even. He immediately went and rubbed himself all over my living room suite, leaving behind a slight pink hue on the seats and backs of the couch and love seat. He stayed off his favourite chair until he was dry.

But, the jokes on him...ever since he ripped up the upholstery on both pieces of furniture, I don't have the same mad, furniture love for them that I once did. Since I now need slip covers, he can rub until the Genie appears for all I care. Nyah, Nyah Tikki.
We have our first ever Bed Bath and Beyond in Calgary now. So, I will set aside my shopping aversion and go get slipcovers. He didn't get a rise out of me...this time.

Tomorrow, I will post about the great present I got from my in-laws. The assembly has been done but I will take pictures of the set up for you.
Hint: I can grow "herbs" indoors year round now.