Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Apidexin, I Love You.

Well, tomorrow is weigh in day but I'm already noticing a difference. I wore an elastic waisted skirt yesterday and it was turning around on its own. I kept noticing the seams were out of place but being the clever sort, it took me until evening to figure it out. My sweat pants need to be hiked up more often. No plumbers crack here! All in all, I've noticed a difference.

Even if the scale isn't nice to me tomorrow, I feel positive. I have more energy and a definite zippity in my doo-dah.

Not much cardio today... my cleaning partner and I didn't do as many houses as we should have because somehow we lost, erm, I mean mislaid a key for that particular client. It will turn up eventually, but in the meantime, what a pain. Now, tomorrow, we have to run downtown, get a spare key from his receptionist, go clean the home and then run the key right back to him. Then we'll go do our regular houses for the day. Partner is getting married next weekend so she needs more time off to do the last minute stuff. Today when we were locked out, we went shopping for bow ties. Tomorrow should be interesting. She's a little stressed...

We picked up a new client today. She's a referral from her mom who has been an infrequent client. Her house was untidy but not dirty and she worked along with us, putting stuff away as we cleaned. It was great and we got lots accomplished. Usually clients who want to work along are underfoot and in your face but she was great. We wish we were going in more regularly than once per month but it will be great to get her home into the shape she will enjoy.
Today was a surprise for her husband. I hope he noticed everything. She was so excited about her house when we left.

One of my favorite things about this job is meeting nice people who appreciate our efforts. So, I'm looking forward to going back soon. I also can't stop thinking about a bachelor we got last week. He got custody of the cats in the divorce and he needed our services desperately. It will be interesting to go back next week and see how it looks.

Enough about my boring job.

Looking forward to weigh in Thursday tomorrow! Stay tuned.


  1. I'm so excited for your weigh in! I can see such a difference I can't wait to see what the actual numbers are.

    The term 'zippity in my doo dah' sounds dirty. Veeery dirty.

  2. You caught me.

    I was sending your father a sexy code... too bad he doesn't read my blog.

  3. Hmmm.

    You knew Dad doesn't read your blog, so the dirty comment was directed at either me or Bag Lady, who I am now cowering behind.

  4. Hey - don't hide behind me! (Although there IS plenty of room back there....)

    Now I'm jealous of the Apidexin and how well it's working for you.

    Speaking of working - how soon could you get here? Friends of ours are getting married on Saturday, and the bride (and her attendants) are using my house to get dressed.....
    I started out tidying the bedroom yesterday (that's where I do all my sewing, and it was a disaster) and suddenly I was washing windows and walls and moving furniture and now it's a HUGE mess! I'm not sure I can get it all back together before Saturday.


    Congratulations on the weight loss - cna't wait to hear the numbers.

  5. Bag Lady - "Here I come to save the daaaay!". Mighty Mousy Cleaning Woman is on the way!

    I'd recommend cleaning the bathroom well and then shoving other stuff out of sight. Cut a bunch of flowers and put in the room. Lay out a spread of nice breads and (pluot) jams or spreads and they won't even notice the house. Especially if you are serving sparkling wine or champagne.

    They don't know A) what your room usually looks like or B) where stuff goes. They're so excited, they won't notice much of their surroundings. Trust me on this.

    In the meantime, send in the calvalry. Katie is holding me against my will and making me clean HER house. (I`m hiding in her computer room)
    Fifth Sparrow

  6. Thanks for the tips! The bedroom and bathroom are all one (huge) room. It is starting to look better...... sorta.

    Tomorrow I'll be going to town for flowers, champagne and strawberries, and I'll pick up some nice bread!

    KATIE! Release your mama right now!!! :)

  7. You guys are funny. Hope the weigh-in goes well. I'll be reading that post next.

  8. Bag Lady and Dawn - help...she won't let me out until I steam clean the hardwood (and tile). So. I'm staying over.
    At least she's paying me off in Chai tea.
    And I apparently rate computer privledges although I don't know how to sign in.

    Heyyyy, she has a treadmill.

    Fifth Sparrow