Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Offerings

Tikki, the Ice Breaker
We had a great day yesterday. If you're not on a diet that is...

Wonderful Daughter and I went to the dollar store and spent way too much on glow bracelets, sparklers and glow sticks. We were on our way to Movie in the Park again.

WD's Estrogen Crew came over for a steak dinner and then we headed over to the park. Too bad we didn't take the address with us, instead relying on my sketchy memory. After driving around for 20 minutes, we came back to the condo and got my laptop only to discover it was less than 8 blocks from my place and we had driven within a block of it twice.


The bad news was, I didn't get a chance to visit with the friend I'd arranged to meet there. The good news was, it was dusky enough to hand out the glowing booty right away and the kids had a ball. In addition to WD's two boys, there were 3 more boys and one cute, chubby little baby girl. We were able to light up the kids and pass a few bracelets around to others (and dogs).

The sparklers wouldn't light again...sheesh. We only got two to light up so there were disappointed kids in that regard. I sent home the packages of sparklers with them, Hopefully they'll have more success.

The great news was, there was an indoor bathroom so no sanitizing wipes or flashlights were needed!

In addition to the 5 of us adults, Gordon and Penelope were there, their daughter in law, Kelly with her 2 kids, some new friends, Duane and Lisa and their 2. We had a ball.

Hopefully we can get to one more showing before it gets too cold to sit out there. My mother in law is is Saskatchewan right now, but I know she'd love to go again at least one more time.

In addition to special coffee for the adults, we had tiger brownies, mini eclairs, peach fuzzy navels, no wait, they were called fuzzy peaches, Kernels gourmet popcorn, diet Pepsi and lots of other goodies (baddies). I was pretty good. I split an eclair with Tikki and had one brownie.

Tikki was a big hit, since he is still dyed pink and the Breast Cancer folk were there doing some fund raising. Several of the ladies commented on his pink hair and wanted photos of him.
(Kelly won a nice prize basket from them.) I love taking my pink poodle out and about. He opens the door to very nice conversations with fellow dog lovers... Others steer clear of me, since I've clearly lost my marbles.

We had a ball, the movie "Up" was great for all ages and I was left much more encouraged.
I have a great group of friends.
WD's E.Crew are the greatest gals ever and she is blessed to have them in her life. They spoil her boys rotten. They need some spoiling after everything they've been through with the divorce and all.

It came out during dinner conversation when WD puts the boys to bed, the E. Crew goes to where ever in the house they can hear the giggling the clearest and have fits of giggles themselves. Then, they make friendly bets with each other as to how long until WD comes in the bedroom to threaten separation, spankings, bodily injury and other dire consequences if the boys don't quiet down and go to sleep.

The boys know, other than separation, it just ain't gonna happen so the giggling starts as soon as WD walks back down the hall. The Estrogen Crew find this all hilarious. ...Did I mention they are childless?

I love that they enjoy the little guys so much. It's such a good arrangement all around. I feel like I have two new daughters. Who are definitely less sassy than WD!

So, I feel I'm pulled right out of the latest funk. I need to focus on my hand-made family and stop giving the biological misfits any space in my head.

How`s your weekend going?


  1. Last night was so much fun. Thanks for dinner, it was delish.
    Cute pic of Tikki. He's so stinkin' adorable!
    Also, talked to Cousin, he's coming up September long.

  2. I am freakin' exhausted, so the weekend must have been good!

    The wedding was lovely, the food fabulous, the champagne and beer was cold.... we ate, we danced, we sang karaoke.
    Then we went back for breakfast today and ate more!
    I am going to bed early. I swear.

  3. Hey ladies!
    Katie - Thanks for all your help. We had a blast too! I came back from taking JC to the bathroom and asked Dom, "What's going on? Did the lady die?"
    He answered(exasperated at the interuption), "How should I know Nana? I've never seen this movie before!"

    Just back from a lovely dinner at Gordon and Penelope's. I'm exhausted too but getting a handle on this latest depression. Edge of the woods in sight.

    Baggie - Sounds like a great time. I need pictures, unless all evidence has been destroyed...

  4. Glad you had such a nice time and are out of your funk. Tikki is just so cute, my daughter would think he was one of the stuffed animals lol.

  5. Dawn - She would love him, (when he is being a good boy) he's very floppy, cuddly and lovey.