Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday, Day 3 Apidexin

Well, I missed a day of blogging because Wonderful Daughter and I made a trade. Did you miss me?

I left her my laptop and Tikki. In return I took Thing 1 and Thing 2 for a "pleep-over" as JC calls it. I think I made the best deal. The boys spent nearly an hour playing in the tub. They took the tall cups I used to wash their hair and made sodas. They filled up the cup with bath water and topped it with bubbles. It was tons of fun until Dom convinced JC to drink the soda. Then there were tears. Plenty of tears.
I have to admit I chuckled a little. I remember my sister convincing me the pretty bath oil beads were special gum balls. That brat! Not to mention the time she convinced me chewing tobacco was beef jerky. Is it any wonder I have food issues to this day?!

So Apidexin Day 2 was good. A tiny amount of food was very filling. In fact my stomach was bloating just from the food I did eat. Or, that could be a side effect of the detox pills I'm to take the first 72 hours. Anyways, I drank lots of water and had a really good day. No shakes or other problems.

My only issue was difficulty sleeping. That could be because JC was crying for his mommy and ended up sleeping in our room while I bunked out on the couch. It was way too hot to sleep even though it wasn't hot outside. Of course I missed my sleep apnea C-pap as well, but the heat was the worst.
When I was 27 I was put into total menopause after surgery but I think I'm getting it again. With the night sweats and all the other assorted fun. Guess it's because I stopped the hormone replacement therapy a couple of years ago. It was great fun the first time, the second just seems so much better...or is that bitter?

Who ever said life was fair?


  1. Ah, menopause. I have been having hot flashes and night sweats for 6 years (but who's counting?) It makes me cranky. Lately, though, as an added twist (to the knife), I get freeze-flashes. I get so cold, my teeth chatter and I get goose-bumps, THEN I get a hot flash. More fun!

  2. Ewww. That sounds horrible!

    Of course, I would attempt to qualify the shivering and teeth chattering as exercise.

    I find as my temperature goes up, so does my irritability (rage). I could be a cartoon with the red flooding my face.