Thursday, August 27, 2009

Same, Same on Me

Weigh In day: Same, no loss, but...more importantly, no gain.

Slowly getting my act together this morning, then heading up to Wonderful Daughter's so she can finish our taxes for the quarter.

How exciting!

At least there's no bear tracks causing excitement in my life...


  1. That's great that you haven't had a gain. The weight loss will come! Just keep up with your plan.

  2. Hi Diane - Welcome, Thanks for stopping by. I was also quite pleased I haven't gained any back. It took ages to pack it on, I think it will take quite a while to come back off.

  3. Sorry, I seem to be doing your weight loss, which is unfair since I'm not actively trying to lose a few pounds, only to get a great many things done, leaving me no time to eat.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  4. Hey Mary Anne, no problem. I think you work much harder than I do so you've earned it. How are the hummingbirds today?

  5. How dull for you that there aren't any bear tracks in your life! On the other hand, the weight thing is pretty exciting - even if you just remained the same, you're doing better than I am! (That darned Mary Anne stealing your weight loss - sheesh! She's probably taking mine, too!:))

  6. Hi BLady,
    Yep, those Yanks are tricky. Better keep an eye on her!
    I DO have crackhead, meth addict and homeless guy tracks in my back alley. Would anyone like to see them?