Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day Off

Today I unexpectedly have the day off. Wonderful Daughter has hired someone new so she gets to take my jobs this week. My partner is off all week attending to last minute wedding details.
So I'm going to go all crazy wild and do something I haven't done in far too long. That's right, you guessed it! I'm going to shampoo the bedroom carpets. Outrageous, right?

I know, I like living on the edge. First though, I'm going to take Mr. Tikki for a walk to Tim Horton's for a coffee. Just one for me. he gets too wired on caffeine. He was playing possum while I was vacuuming. He wouldn't appear no matter how I coaxed or called. Finally I knocked on our front door and he gave a little woof so I knew where he had gone into hiding. Sure enough, he had a piece of saran wrap under there that he stole out of the garbage. Little brat!

More later. Let's just say, I'm feeling great today and the Apidexin is working again. My abdomen feels better and I feel smaller across my rib cage. Thursday will tell the story though.


  1. You know I have no idea what Apidexin is but I sure hope it's safe. I won't play mom here just glad you're feeling ok.

    So glad you and Tikki are going to get out on your day off. Shampooing carpets sure doesn't sound like a day off to me *smile*. Hope you have some fun time in there somewhere. Glad you found rascally Tikki and got the saran wrap from him before he had issues from it.

  2. Shampooing?! You're a wild woman!

  3. You sure know how to go crazy wild!
    Good to hear you had an unexpected day off - that's always fun!

  4. Dawn - it has the fewest side effects. It bascially suppresses your appetite and boosts your metabolism. I feel more like getting up and doing more now that I'm on it. Tikki is a cute little brat!

    Leah - That's just how we roll here in Cowtown! Stand by to post bail when I really let loose...

    Baggie - I didn't realize how much I needed it. WD even had me forward the office phones to her so there was no stress at all today.