Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weighty Thoughts

Hey you all! Okay, the 2 or 3 of you who have yet to get a life...seriously, I'm even boring to myself.

With trepidation I approached the scale this morning. Recalling those cinnamon buns Wonderful Daughter tried to send home with me. "For Dad. You don't have to eat them!"

I "forgot" them.

He went and picked them up.

Can I really blame him? If I wasn't dieting I'd drive across town for her baking too.

So, I only had one. One Big one. The girl makes each bun the size of a salad plate. It's very unfair.

Don't get me started on the loaves of homemade bread she sends home with him each week.

But, I digress. So without further ado....I lost 2 whole pounds. That's PDG* for me!

I was so happy, I leaped off the scale and did the dance of joy which apparently is poodle code for Attack your Master.

I'm at WD's now. She has kept me prisoner today while we clean her house. Thank goodness she moved to a much smaller place and thank goodness Thing 1 and Thing 2 are getting better about cleaning up after themselves.

Jace thinks I'm a miserable old bag. I gave him a cloth and set him to work cleaning up after himself. After the obligatory initial resistance, he got into it.
"Lookit Mom-ee-ah, Jace wash walls all bedder. Washa lye-ens offa walls. Washa cay-on."

Heh, it worked to get my two kids to stop making murals. Although Wonderful Daughter used lipstick, not crayon. Glamour girl, even at 3. I have confidence today's generation can grasp the idea as well.

Off to a school BBQ with Wonderful Daughter and Crew. I shall watch what I eat and behave myself beautifully. Not just because there won't be any alcohol served. They hold off on that until junior high.

*PDQ = Pretty Dang Good!


  1. Way to go on the 2 lbs gone. Hope you have fun at the BBQ. My son at 2 drew with lipstick too, red all over the off white carpet (what was I thinking off white carpet?) lol. The glory of kids *smile*.

  2. Hi Dawn! - Thanks, following in your lighter footsteps. One step at a time.
    I love white carpet. You can bleach the heck out of it.

    (Hostage taking has now moved into a sleep over.)

    Fifth Sparrow