Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I need to lose weight now. Right freaking now!

I didn't mention it before but I went to my doctor about chest pains and I have stress tests booked for next month.

I came home from one of the worst days we have had cleaning and was going to rant about the $65 parking ticket I got and all the out of sequence red lights I hit adding valuable time to my commute across the city. And my back.

Then, I got home and checked my email. One of our friends we have kind of lost touch with has unexpectedly passed away. She went for a walk and never came back. They found her dead in a park, apparent heart attack.

She weighs about what I do.

She was quite a bit younger. I'm only 48.

No more putzing around. I owe it to my family.

I'm going to go hug my hubby, call Wonderful Daughter and the grandboys and then I'm gonna find an online eating plan.


  1. I take it since I haven't gotten a call yet that you and dad are doing more than hugging??



  2. And I find it really unfair that you pre-approve comments. How am I supposed to put up smart ass stuff like that if you pre-approve everything?

    Must hack in immediately...

  3. That's terrible news about your friend!

    Hack away, Katie - it's more fun to be able to put up smart ass stuff without the comment moderation!! :)