Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Productive Days.

I feel so much more energized now that I've lost a little weight. It's only 10 pounds but my energy level is so much better. I'm loving this!

Although I haven't slept well the past two nights, I'm not groggy and lethargic like I would normally be. I've actually done more each day than I ordinarily accomplish. Today I met with a realtor to see if we wanted to become his new cleaning team.

He invited me to meet for coffee, showed up late, after I'd ordered, didn't have a coffee and then stiffed me to pay for my own. Although I made it clear to him we had done an additional hour's work at one of his client's and then Dom and I went back on Saturday, he didn't offer compensation for that either. I didn't expect to be paid for my time but do have to pay our people another $20 for their extra hour of work in the house.

What do y'all think? Think we'll accept work from him in the future? Let's see...for $25 he has chiseled his way out of great cleaning services.

I don't understand people who are cheap. Maybe I over pay... I mean, we did tip our waitress about 25% on Sunday night but what's a couple bucks really? It made her night. She was so effusive in her thanks, it was almost embarrassing.

That Moxie's is right by our house, so if we go in again, maybe she will recognize us and we'll get the same great service? If not, maybe it helped make up for the jokers who are under the impression pretty young girls work as waitresses so married guys can make inappropriate remarks to them. The service industry is tough. I've worked in it for too many years. Why try to cheap out when dealing with others? That said, this June was the first time in my entire life I didn`t leave a tip for a waitress and now I did it again when we got the raw meat served to us at Phil`s. Is a trend developing?
We decided not to pursue the Global TV thing. The information package they sent out to us portrayed women in a manner we didn't much care for. Case in point: One picture was of a woman in an itsy bitsy American flag bikini with obvious augmentation. Poorly done too, I might add. Her head was chopped off so you could focus on the really important parts of the photo. Another picture was a beautiful woman lying on her animal print chaise with a Bellini in hand. Another had an unfortunate looking, very plain and dowdy woman (not gorgeous) eating a salad. I can't recall the last pic. I was just left with a bad taste in my mouth. WD and I agreed that's not how it had been presented initially and we don't want to associate with that culture.

Today, I chased Tikki the stubborn half-pink poodle around to try and finish his clipping. I'm cutting off the old, pink growth to reveal apricot poodle underneath. He's about 3/4 done now and looks like a freak. (Don't tell him I said that. It's hard on his self esteem). The way he bites and squirms and carries on, you'd think I'm performing the snip-snip he will get done later this month without the benefit of anesthesia. (DON'T tell about that either!! We really want it to be a surprise).

He doesn't read my blog. He finds it boring. He only reads Bag lady's cattle talk. I think he has a crush on Princess.

So far today, I have drank my water, racked up 4 miles on my pedometer for bathroom trips, lol and I'm making a healthy chili for dinner. My clothes are still fitting better (looser) and my abdomen is definitely flatter. I also noticed some lumps of fat I had in my thighs (not cellulite) are shrinking.

All in all, I recommend Apidexin for a boost on the weight loss wagon. The second shipment just came so we can all stay on it.

Weigh in day is two days away. So, we shall see.


  1. I can certainly understand why Tikki would have a crush on the Princess - but he wants to be careful. She weaves quite a spell and even has the Rancher doing her bidding! (He has never fed any of our dogs in his life, but feeds her quite regularly!)

    I wouldn't work for that Real Estate yakkass either! (Of course, I'm not feeling well today, and I'm really freakin' cranky....)

  2. The realtor can go hang.
    Good for you for punting Global.
    Yay on the weight loss.

  3. LOL, found you! We would more than chum... we'd walk our poodles! Mine is chocolate and very much a pure bred... So we got him fixed. Weird little dude, but we love him.
    The Realtor sounds like a Realschmuk. Best to let that go. I can't see any good coming from that relationship.
    Oh! And your weight. You go, Miss Diva! Hugs to you! :)

  4. Baggie - Cute to hear Princess has wormed her way into Rancher's affections. Feeling better today?

    Leah - Wonderful Daughter has decided we will work for realtor after all. I will let you know how it goes.
    I owe her after campaigning to pull the Global plug.

    Rock - Welcome! A fellow poodle slave to commiserate. Tikki redecorated my bathroom with t/p today. He calls it "The Strewn Look".

  5. Just had to chime in to explain: it's the relators assistant we have been (and will continue to) deal with, and she's cool. Doesn't mind leaving a message, is polite, gets us the info we need and pays on time.
    Works for me!