Monday, August 10, 2009

Weigh In Monday

I just want to go on record as wondering why the heck I made Mondays the weigh in day?
What was I thinking? What am I running around this place? The Marquis de Sade Weight Loss Clinic and Motivational Centre?

Usually the weekends are busy with friends and family and eating goes along with that. Monday is brutal to have to account for the debauchery* of the weekend.

The weigh in this morning was a non-event. No loss but of course, more importantly no gain. And, once again no pills in the mail, danggit,

I think my meds are out of whack since I felt really blah today and spent most the day in bed.
If I had a water bed I could have done a few laps and met my swimming goal. So, I took more meds and hope it all equals out soon. I hate feeling this way. And I'm sure it's no picnic for those around me.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day. I'm off again so will try to get the swimming in then.

*By debauchery I of course mean sitting around, visiting and drinking cosmos and wine. Along with some quality grandson time.


  1. Yup, you need to change your weigh-in day. Make it Wednesday or Thursday, just to be a maverick!

    What kind of meds, exactly, are you waiting for to come in the mail? I'm so curious about them, but was too polite to ask before now. (I'm only polite the other 6 days of the week - Tuesdays, I'm allowed to ask personal questions. It's in my contract!)
    And I like your idea of debauchery! I'm in!

  2. Bag Lady - I'm going to change it. I think Thursday since we usually work Thursdays and I'll have a good cardio workout.

    My actual meds are anti-depressants that we (my doctor and I) are fiddling with to get the right doseage.
    The good stuff I was on for a number of years was pulled from the market for liver toxicity. (And I ended up with hepatitis...Katie says from dirty spa tools, I say those meds)

    The pills I have been anxiously waiting for are Apidexin, a weight loss aid. They came today and I will post about them later.