Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sucked In

Today I spent the day with JC and Wonderful Daughter since Dom is in school.

JC is having some issues with his full-time playmate being gone all day. No to mention Dom gets to go into the building where the fabulous playground is located. It's all extremely unfair in JC's eyes. I can relate. I had sibling envy too.

WD and I miss Dom too but his enthusiasm about being back in school is contagious. We're happy for him. He has already made a best friend although he can't remember his name...

So, we had errands to run and at first JC didn't want to come, he was on the prod. Then, once he was talked into coming he would only ride with Nana. "Wide wif Nana. Naaana. Naaaana."

WD came down the alley in her car since we needed to drop it off at my place so Dar could use it. As soon as JC saw his mother he started up with me. "Go see mom-ee-ah,! Jay-cee need go see mommy. Need see mom-ee-ah Nana, Need See MOMMY!!!"

He's an adorable kid but when he wants something his needle gets stuck in the broken record. He gets louder and louder as he repeats variations on his current theme. Bear in mind, he's three. I have to keep reminding myself too.

So, as we drive along he whines and carries on about his mother. He must have his mommy. He wants out, he wants her to wave, he wants to ride with her. Finally as we pull up to the first traffic light, I turn and ask, "JC do you want to go ride with mommy? I can take you to mommy's car."

Emphatically, "No Nana, no see momm-ee-ah. Ride Tikki. See moofee (movie)."

Okay, I think, problem solved, I called his bluff, now he'll settle down. And he does, riding along quite happily. Until I get onto the busiest street of our commute. Suddenly he starts screaming something new he needs and I can't understand the kid.

"Need Nee-No? (his pet name for Dom)"
screams- "No!"

"Need water?"
screams - "No!"

"What? What do you need JC?" (Nana needs a tylenol)
more screams- "No! No!"

Understanding and dread dawn at the same time, "Need tomach, tomach bwoken!"

I risk a glance backwards and see him clutching his stomach. Oh no, the kid is gonna hurl and we just detailed the van after the gallon of milk leaked everywhere last week.

I frantically try to get WD's attention but she's passed me in traffic. I unroll the windows hoping a bit of fresh air will revive him.

"How's that honey? Are you feeling better?"

Forlornly, "No nana, no beddaw, tomach hurt. Tomach bwoken."

WD is now long gone, lost in traffic. She probably made a break for it, leaving me with a sick kid to barf in my van.

I turn on the A/C full blast, hoping a little cold air will help.

"JC, we're almost at Nana's. Just hold on for a minute okay?"

Tiny, little sick voice, "Okay Nana"

Oh no, he's fading fast, he's got the swine flu, he's got food poisoning, he's got meningitis. No wonder he was screaming. No wonder he wanted his mother.

I draw attention to Tikki, trying to distract him. "Look, Tikki wants to sit on my lap. Do you think a dog knows how to drive JC? Isn`t that silly?"

He doesn't bother to answer.

I glance back. His colour looks okay but he's still clutching his stomach. Moments later we pull into my underground parking. Wonderful Daughter is there, thank goodness. Parked in my stall. Now I get to navigate into her stall on a lower level when time is of the essence.

"Look JC, there's mommy. Mommy is here honey. We'll get you upstairs. You're okay."

Weakly, disbelievingly, "Mommy?" Then, he brightens and screams, "Mommy!"

As I hit the unlock switch, he rolls open his door and runs up the ramp yelling, "Mommy! Mommy! Tikki dwive Nana van!"

I meet her on the ramp and start to explain her youngest son had a near death experience. Sceptically she looks over to where he and Tikki are running laps around the pillars and pronounces him cured.

Sure enough, the rest of the afternoon passed uneventfully. All he needed was the medicine that is his Mom-ee-ah.


  1. My theory is that if he's not bleeding or puking he's fine.

    Sorry for the hard drive...

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  3. Sorry, posted as the wrong account.

    Post said: hey! You changed your comment posting rules! Kewl.

  4. My best friend's mother was four, almost five, when her six year old sister started school. She refused to be left behind, and since this was a one room school in the mountains, she got to stay. On the first day she bit the teacher when she was mean to the older sister, so it's remarkable that she got to stay for the rest of the year!

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  5. Ah, the joys of grandmotherhood.

    I knew there was a reason I didn't have children.

  6. Katie - Yeah, I'd agree but he was threatening to spew so this does count.

    Solarity - That's so cute, she stuck up for her big sister like that. I love it!

    Bag Lady - reason number 842. If you could just skip to the grandchildren... but wait, then you'd have no one to send them home to.

  7. I told your JC story to hubby and my 7 yr old. Goodness how true it all sounds of a 3 yr old lol. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time (been there done that) but when it's not me I can't help myself lol.

  8. Dawn - It was funny once he didn't actually hurl. I think he's really missing Dom as he has not been himself lately. Unfortunately, who he has been is a Dennis the Menace clone.