Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Hump Day

Tikki and I got lost on the way to a new client's home today. That wouldn't be so bad but our new employee was following in her van.

Oh well, that's what I get for letting a poodle drive. They are so busy looking over the cute puppies in other cars they don't watch the road signs. That and the fact the city road map showed roads that don't link up to each other.

Another friend is in the hospital, this time for a gall bladder attack. We went this evening to visit but she had just gone into surgery. I went to the greenhouse today and had them make a succulent plant bowl with plants I was able to pick out myself. It was so nice and such a good price, compared to cut flowers, I don't think I'll ever take flowers again.

Our friend's hospital room was so full already, they asked us to take the plant home until she's discharged. If they only knew how tough it's going to be to get it back from me...
Except, I have a black thumb and it's too pretty to die a cruel and unusual death on my countertop.

I've accidentally triple booked us for tomorrow. I've made some calls to try and rebook, offering a free hour of cleaning if they will take us up on it. Should be interesting.

Wonderful Daughter is going to kill me. Someday I'll learn to use our scheduling software, I swear!

We took her and the boys out to dinner tonight. The food was horrible, cold, heat-lamp baked and WD's meat was raw in the center. We sent back our two meals and after everyone else ate, we walked to a nearby Vietnamese place and got take out for the two of us.

I love living on the "Red Mile" everything is so close by.

WD's kids were cute at dinner. JC has no indoor volume on his voice and Dom talks non-stop careening from subject to subject so fast you can't keep up. The adults exchange amused glances over their heads and treasure up the cute stuff they say.

Yesterday JC was supposed to be taking a nap. He'd been laying down about an hour when Dom said something too loudly in the hallway outside his bedroom.
Suddenly JC yelled, "Quiet Dom! Jacey pleeping in heour!!"

WD had lots of compliments for me tonight. Apparently, my upper arms are looking smaller as well as my upper back. No word on Shirley dwindling down to nothing...yet.

Tomorrow is weigh in day.


  1. Getting lost can lead to adventures and all manner of excitement.
    How did the re-booking go?
    Thanks for the info on the Mexican restaurant.

  2. Hi Leah - no word yet. Lots of calls for quotes today. Danggit, that means summer is officially over!

  3. Glad you got out with the family, sorry the food wasn't good though. Kids say and do the darnest things. Sorry letting Tikki drive didn't work out lol.

  4. I have learned to never let a poodle drive - they are so easily distracted! My border collieX, on the other hand, has a terrific sense of direction and is very efficient and dedicated to the job when she drives. Well, except when a bird crosses her airspace, then all bets are off (and so is she, chasing the damned birds!)