Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday, in the Park...(ahem) in the Drizzle

Blah, Blah, Blah

That's how I feel today. It's overcast and miserable.

Cousin was halfway here when he saw the weather was cruddy so he turned his bee-yoo-tee-ful motorcycle around in Red Deer and went back home. Man, sensible people bug me!

Actually, I'm glad he decided not to freeze to death to get here. Last visit, when he went home I worried about him riding in the rain.
But, we were really looking forward to seeing him. He's such a great guy. Hopefully he'll make it for a visit before the month is over.

In my opinion, this summer is pretty much over. Dom starts Grade Two on Monday, the 17th. How sick is that? A) that he's old enough for grade 2 B) that he starts school a week earlier than the rest of the city C) that this curtails mid-week outings.

The weather has been the pits this year. It has ruined the summer. Once again we didn't go to the Okanagan for a holiday, choosing instead to stay local and support Wonderful Daughter. That's a-okay with me since I would be seriously choked to be spending money for a holiday in this weather.

We (okay, I) really want spend any holiday money by booking a winter cruise to the Caribbean or somewhere warm. The last (first and only) time we went on one was when W.D. was expecting Dom. So, a looooong time ago. We are due.
W.D. has lost serious weight in the past month. She wisely has done it by eating right and exercising her butt off, literally. She'll look good in a bathing suit on a cruise. I hope to be right beside her, giving dirty looks to non-parent approved men. She is still not rid of the last one.

Heyyyyy, I "just had an epiphany! Lightning just struck my brain... (that must have hurt)". I'm setting myself another goal. I had decided to copy off Dawn at Fixing Myself Thinner and get in 5 hours of exercise this week, not eat after dinner and drink 3 -4 liters of water each day.

New long term goal: I will walk the equivalent of miles to the airport. In Miami.

Oh wow, according to Google maps, that is 4,849 miles. I think my talking pedometer will cuss me out.

I'm gonna need another ticker. And possibly my head examined.


  1. That is an awesome goal! Good luck to you!

    I need to set myself a goal of some kind. Hmmm, does it count if my goal is to actually finish my "spring" cleaning by Christmas? :)

  2. That is a great goal, I'm sure you'll reach it too. I didn't get in my 5 hours this week, only 4 but I'll do better this week. I almost ordered the battery for my pedometer but I'm cheap and didn't want to pay $6 shipping (they only cost $3.99) lol. So I'll try to remember to pick one up at the Wal-mart next time I'm there. Way to go on getting into onderland, I'm envious. I'll catch up though in a few weeks *smile*.