Saturday, August 15, 2009

Update....Because I'm just so dang facinating...

We went out and got a couple of wine kits. A Raspberry Zinfandel for Wonderful Daughter and her Estrogen Crew. Then, a "Bergamais something" for us old folk. Can you tell we're true connoisseurs?!

Then, off to the farmer's market for saffron and tahini. And longing, soulful, drool-y gazes at the Buttercream Bakery booth and the Greek kiosk.
I didn't succumb though. Nor did I pick up any veggies Bag Lady. I'm still working on the pluots, etc.

My big news is, Tikki and I hopped out of the van at a red light a mile from home and walked back. He was so excited to be out walking he was jumping up around my waist. Which, according to our friendly neighborhood guest blogger is 18 inches off the ground...

I think he was happy to be back in my good books again. Yesterday, I came home from a terrible day's work (we walked out of one house because it was a urine-abomination) to discover he had learned to jump onto my bed. Once up there, he helped himself to my latest replacement C-pap mask and ate it. When I take it off in the morning, I stuff it behind the headboard since he's proven if it's on the floor or night table he will chew it up. So, another $150 mask to replace. He must have really worked to haul it out from behind my headboard. Why didn't I get another stoopid, in-bred Samoyed?? I'm weary of having a poodle who outsmarts me at every turn. But, all was forgiven by today.

The rain had cleared up and we had a great walk back. I'm encouraged I was able to get some much needed exercise. Plus I didn't have to haul any of our purchases up from the van. heh. heh.

And, I'm one whole mile closer to the Miami airport.

Whoo Hoo !


  1. No veggies???? What the heck?!

    We had company for supper last night. The entire meal (except the steaks) came out of my garden. Potatoes, grilled rutabaga (yummy!), beet greens.
    We sliced the turnip/rutabaga about half an inch thick, sprayed it with olive oil, grilled on the BBQ, turned it, then sprinkled it with a tiny bit of brown sugar. It was delicious!

  2. Oooh, that sounds absolutely delicious! I've only had turnip mashed or roasted. Neither was great.

    Today I made hummus for the first time. I have always bought it before. I doubled the garlic and Dar still thought it needed some more. I was pretty pleased with it though.

    Did the steaks from your stock? I miss having a beef done...

  3. Actually, no, the steaks were not our own. We have some steers we will eventually slaughter, but still have a lot of hamburger from the last one. No steaks left, though.

  4. Sorry to hear about your mask (again) but glad to hear Tikki is forgiven and you got a nice walk in to boot.