Friday, August 7, 2009

Blue Friday

Not much funny today. I was doing better right after work but have low energy now.

There's a reason I'm the fifth sparrow. Somedays I feel it.

Thanks Wonderful Daughter for coming to help clean my place tonight. It's like the shoe maker's kids going barefoot around here. The cleaning lady's house is a sty.
Katie, you rock the cash bar. And you're getting to be a skinny wench. Keep it up!

Refilled my prescriptions and got a little something so I can go to the funeral tomorrow. First one I'll attend in the past 5 years. Hope I can pull it off. The last 2 I went to, I became so distraught I think people thought I was the widow. And I was only there to support a good friend. I'd never laid eyes on the deceased... Embarrassing much?

Memories of Michelle today... when she moved here from back East, she wanted cleaning jobs so I gave her the name of an old client who always had to have a maid service since her home was 9,000 sq. ft. , Yup, that wasn't a typo. 9 freaking thousand square feet. There was a developed basement as well. With a dance floor. And Michelle did the house all on her own.

So, Michelle shows up for work one day after a few months of working at this house and the lady of the manor says, "Y'know we had a party here on the weekend and we couldn't help but notice, there was a layer of dust on the top of the chandelier in the dining room."

Now, Michelle doesn't miss a beat. She replies, "Wow, that must have been some exciting party!"

Heh. Heh. Heh. Spunky, Sassy and Classy.

I can't believe I'm gonna go bake cupcakes for her funeral now. This sucks.


  1. I love you too.

    I feel better today. Meds kicked in I guess. Things are better here all around.