Monday, August 24, 2009

Better Day

Wonderful Daughter and I had a productive day. We both had to go out and clean. Fortunately, the shock wasn't too much for her system and we got a huge move-out clean done in good time. We actually finished a few minutes early. It's been a long time since we have had to do a clean together but we got right back into the rhythm.

She used to be so funny when we first started working together. I was always on her case about walking down the stairs without carrying supplies or garbage or something. The funniest was always when I would come huffing and puffing into a room to find her calmly checking out a sales flyer or perusing the headlines on the newspaper. Then, words would be exchanged but I always had to laugh at her. I'd treat each job as a life or death challenge and she viewed it as an opportunity to see sales flyers she didn't get at her house.

It didn't take us long to decide to leaver her in the office manning the phones and dealing with the staff while I took a partner with me since I like to clean.

Since my health has deteriorated the past two years, she tries to limit my working days but I still sneak my partner and I onto the schedule when I can.

My partner gets married this weekend, which coincidentally is my 29th wedding anniversary too. After that, we'll see how much she wants to work.

All in all, I had a better day today and look forward to continuing improvement. Weigh in is on Thursday so I've got a good goal to work toward.


  1. That's funny about how you and your daughter work differently. But glad you had a good day together getting the job done. Hope your partners wedding goes well and you have a wonderful anniversary. Do you have something special planned? Good luck on Thursday with weigh-in.

  2. Dawn - we complement each other in the way we run our business. When she joined me and decided she hates cleaning, she quickly figured out how to expand the business and increase profits several times over. No anniversary plans yet.