Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will:

Walk Tikki at least 20 minutes, twice!
Walk with WD around her circuit. Twice!

Stay off sugar.
Take my green tea supplements.
Incorporate matcha tea into something.

Drink 8 glasses of water. And only one diet coke. One!

This past weekend I was good, well, pretty good. We has dinner Saturday night at the Keg with the Evil MIL and, other than the stuffed potato, I ordered well and stayed on plan. Earlier in the day, I had vegetable soup and a half vegetarian sandwich. So, that was great.
Conversation at dinner was strained but that is the subject of another post.

Wonderful Daughter and I cleaned for a new commercial client on Saturday afternoon. Our first commercial gig. It should have taken 4 hours but took 6 (ugh)... lots of exercise at least.

Tonight, we had curry with Gordon and Penelope. Other than the white rice, I was good. Oh, and I had a slice of caramel tiramisu cake, loaded with sugar. Not so good...but I tried.

So, tomorrow is a new day. And I will begin again.

I'll be 49 in August and would like to weigh 15 ellbees less. Let's see how it goes. I have a new plan.

It includes South Beach, water, green tea, matcha tea and exercise with my poodle and having WD kick my ample behind.

Weigh in tomorrow. Last numbers were 195... but I think I have strayed a bit.


  1. Congrats on the commercial client - I'm sure you'll have it down to 4 hours in no time.

    As far as the battle goes, if you are good 90% of the time, you'll still lose weight. One has to enjoy life, too, though. (Only 49? You baby!)

  2. Good for you. Everybody slips. So what? The important thing is you got right back at it.
    Must go look up Matcha Tea.

  3. Hi Baggie, How's Princess? Guess I should be asking that on your blog, tee hee...
    49, yep, soon...somehow I don't feel very young with all this pudge. Maybe it's baby fat?

    Leah, Matcha is a fabulous anti-oxidant waaaay more powerful than pomegranate or wild blueberries. It also stimulates the metabolism. As long as it's not Soylent Green, I'll try it. Come to think of it, I probably would have eaten the Soylent Green too.

  4. It's nice having you back sorry I'm not as chatty these days. I've actually had to work at work lol. Hope you're walks were nice. Way to go on the commercial client.