Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nervous, Pussycat? YEP!

That is a little inside joke in our family.
It's from the Tweety cartoons I think... the sweet little bird has pushed every last one of the evil puddy tat's buttons and then, when he is ready toliterally jump outof his skin, sweetly inquires, "Nervous Pussycat?" and he yelps, "YEP!"
Although... I can't be remembering this correctly or the question would be, "Nervous PuddyTat?"
Great, now this will drive me crazy...wonder if I can look up the answer on Wiki?

Anyhoo, the point of this post, yes, there is a point... is that I am on yet another antidepressant as part of my never-ending search for the right one.

This one doesn't sedate you though. And how sad is it I had no clue I was being sedated?
This one makes you more anxious (high-strung thankyouverymuch). More aniety I certainly don't need but it seems there is always a trade-off. The best drug I was ever on, the one that worked the best for me was pulled from the market due to liver toxicity.

So, this latest one, I began 2 weeks ago and just had a follow-up visit with the doctor on Friday.

I told him it seems a bit better but I am struggling a bit. I'm pretty snappy and quick on the lip. My poor family has been bearing the brunt. Them and other drivers on the road.

As an interesting side effect, I get the feeling I am being bitten by insects, like a spider bite, as I try to fall asleep.
He assured me this is because of prior liver damage from hepatitis and drug interaction and not because my home has been overun with bugs. He has ordered a bunch of tests.

Should be interesting. I sure hope he knows what he is doing since the last scrip gave me such bad chest pains I was scared out of my remaining wits. It would be nice to feel good for a change...


  1. That sensation of being bitten is from liver damage???? Crap! Guess that means I should stop drinking......

  2. Oops. That comment was definitely all about ME, wasn't it?
    Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your meds. Have you ever investigated your diet? And by diet, I mean ingesting all sorts of things that have been chemically treated..... or contain enormous amounts of preservatives, etc.
    Just a suggestion. Something to look at. You know.

  3. Sorry to hear about the nasty bits with the antidepressants. I hope you find the right one soon.

  4. Bag Lady - It should be all about YOU! Even I am sick and tired of it being all about me.

    Leah - Me too, today is the first day of the stronger dosage.

  5. Come on over. I have an award waiting for you at my place.