Friday, May 7, 2010


Lunch was great and my little sister looks fantastic! She has a couple of wrinkles but since she hit the big Four Oh over 2 years ago, that is to be expected. She is a natural blonde with gorgeous blue eyes and a great smile. I have missed her so bad. When we met just outside the condo building, we hugged and I never wanted to let go.

I have been kidding myself thinking I didn't need any of my own family. Thinking I was just fine on my own with no family. It was a way to cope with the hurt and rejection I think.

She knows the stories and the jokes. There is the shared history. It was just soooo good to sit and visit with her. She brought pictures of her kids and I must say, without bias, they are great looking kids. Now I can't wait to meet them too. I have only met her husband once, at their wedding, so pretty soon I'll have a whole pile of folks to claim as kin.

We have tentative plans to go swimming next Friday and then get together as families on June 12th.

Once my sister left, WD and I picked up Dom from school and then headed to Ikea where we did a bjorken (which is Swedish for endless walking throughout the store in search of one small shelf and the checkout).The Nameless Man joined us there when he finished work and after he also bjorkened, we had supper in the cafe. It was surprisingly good. It turns out WD treated so I was especially grateful. As a single parent, she is strapped for cash so it was especially sweet of her.

Then tonight the Nameless Man and I walked Tikki for 30 minutes. We even walked up hills. I feel motivated today. It was a very good day. Actually, it was great.

Weigh in again tomorrow.


  1. It sounds like a great day. I'm glad things worked out so well with your sister. And good for you for the walking. Bjorken indeed.

  2. I'm glad that things went well with your sister. And that you have plans to get together again. I think we need family, even if we don't see them often - the shared history becomes important as we get older.

  3. Leah - I was so nervous, I was very teary before she came. Turns out, she was nervous too. tee hee.

    Baggie - I was quite surprised to find out during our history sharing time that my older sister faked the brain cancer she miraculously recovered from. (My dad died at age 39 of cancer in the brain) I have been giving a false medical history all these years.