Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apologies all around

Well, I never!

I had a great post for you dealing with my heinous MIL who took it upon herself to place a picture of the step-great grandchildren into the lovely personalised frame that Wonderful Daughter and I bought for my long suffering father in law. The frame says "I heart Grandpa".

But, I cannot retreive the post and have moved on.

First, news... she leaves again May 18th. I am counting the days.

In her latest heinery... yes, I am making up words, she has decided the other son's family needs her constant care and attention. Which, you would think, I would welcome. The only fly in the ointment is that she is now waiting, pacing, for an invitation to a birthday party they are due to hold. It has been delayed because our niece was moving over the past weekend.

Three weeks ago, I asked FIL if he would like it if Wonderful Daughter and I cooked a turkey dinner this coming weekend. He was delighted and accepted. I made sure I told the MIL from hell when she returned. Sometimes he forgets to catch her up on what is going on.

This past Sunday, she informed me she sure hopes the birthday party isn't planned for this weekend, because she would "hate to have to reschedule Saturday's dinner".

Huh?! Did I miss something? Is it somehow acceptable to cancel your original plans when something better comes along? It's not like we'll be throwing a pizza pop or two in the oven and calling it dinner. This is turkey with all the trimmings. Kind of a bit of an undertaking, at least for me.

Conversely, it's a party for a two year old. My in-laws are his great grandparents. During the last month when my MIL was away, my FIL was invited over exactly once, when he went for Easter dinner. They never found the time to drive the 30 minutes it would take to come and see him at any time during the month. WD and I counted and we had a meal with him 7 times, not including just stopping by for a visit.

I propose the odd notion the show can go on without them in attendance. There is plenty of other family to be in attendance. Or, perhaps they could hold the party on Sunday if she explained the conflict in her hectic social life. Besides which, it hasn't even been confirmed the party is this weekend anyways! She'd better let me know her plans by tomorrow.

We have Penelope and Gordon coming on Sunday for curry and next weekend is booked for a small dinner party here.

And, if she does pull this. she'd better not ever expect another invitation.


  1. Carry on with your plans. If the in-laws don't show, you can serve them left-overs the next day. Or pizza pops, which it sounds like all the woman deserves, anyway!

    Is there no way for you to call the birthday party folk and find out if there will be a conflict? That's what I would do.... maybe. Of course, I have mostly great in-laws, and if I invite them for a turkey dinner, they all show up.... and some of them have been known to cancel other plans to come to my house instead. Even the brother-in-law who doesn't like turkey!

  2. I would just have the dinner too if you've already bought the food. Really a party is only a few hours too so maybe both things could happen if it was the same day. Hang in there hopefully the time till she leaves will go FAST.

  3. Problem solved... after discussion with the Nameless Man, who after all, is their son, dinner is postponed. We will do it (while she is gone) another weekend. It was just going to be us 5 and them.
    Dinner on Sunday with Penelope and Gordon has turned into a Bobby Flay style show down of curries! Can't wait.

  4. As a lover of all things involving cheese and a deep fryer (can't imagine why I have a weight problem) I must come to the pizza pop's defense.

    They are too good for MIL.

    Sooo glad dinner is cancelled. I hate family dinners, pretending to like grandma while she cricizes my weight, cooking and parenting. It's a waste of a perfectly good night that could be spent at home watching Lifetime cheesy movies.

    Word verification: consesse - No, my consesse doesn't bother me at all while I plot feeding MIL cat food in her nursing home.