Monday, May 3, 2010

Rut Row....

Well, my backsliding ways haven't done me any favours it seems.

I weighed in at 200. Yikes...

Out of One-derland and back up there in 200 Ville. At least I know it's easily resolved.

Matcha tea was made and enjoyed. I think I need to whisk it up to properly blend it.

I never met any of my walking goals today, other than a leisurely stroll around Wal Mart and then Superstore for groceries. There is a storm warning out from the weather advisory so I didn't make the effort. JC is really ill with some sort of allergic reaction to an unknown substance. It was an unsettled day all around, really.

However, I made a good dinner and skipped the crescent rolls I baked the Nameless Man. I put one on my plate when they came fresh from the oven but then slipped it onto his plate after he asked the blessing. I felt virtuous!

Now, it's off to bed with a headache. I hate the weather changes, bring on Spring!


  1. Oh, and I had no sugar and NO diet Coke so I hit quite a few of my many lofty goals.

  2. No sugar and no diet Coke? No wonder you have a headache! It's withdrawal! :)
    Princess is fine - back to being her normal, bossy self.

  3. Walking inside is just as virtuous as outside when the weather's nasty, and a lot safer.
    Meanwhile, Bag Lady is right about the withdrawal.

  4. Baggie, I got a second opinion, (Leah) and you are correct, it's withdrawal. Fortunately, I feel better today.

    Leah, it is nasty here today with a winter storm warning. I think Tikki and I might do some laps of the parkade.