Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Promise

She was so beautiful. 17 years old with clear skin, white blonde hair,bluer than blue eyes and an infectious giggle. She had many friends at school but none too close. They couldn't get too close.

She was the first of the family to graduate high school. The first of the three girls to do right and fly straight. No silliness from her. She knew who she was and where she was going.

As I watched her stand before the mirror in her bedroom and apply a last coat of mascara I was flushed with pride. I can still see her in my mind's eye. She was small and blonde and beautiful.

She wasn't pregnant before Grade 12. She didn't drop out to raise a kid. She didn't mess up, drop out, run away. She didn't always manage to draw rage and or indifference alternated with disdain down on her head. She was the one who beat the odds.

She worked hard to get along, go along, hang on.

And she had a wish.

She wished for a trinket to commemorate her graduation. She wanted a ring. A high school ring. Hesitantly she waited for her moment and broached her request. Of course there was no money for a small gold ring. In that household, there was never any money for extras. No money for swimming lessons. Skating lessons. Girl Guides. Camp. Band. Gymnastics. Ringette. Movies? Vacations? No money for any of that!

Money for booze could always be found. Money for cigarettes, of course. Money to travel back to the hometown and visit with their friends. That was another matter entirely. A trip to Australia for the father? Sure! A trip to Mexico for the mother? No problemo! But, no money for a beautiful 17 year old who only wished for a small gold ring.

She was disappointed but tried again. Perhaps a small silver ring? Oh, well, that was different! Of course. Of course. They would make sure she got it. She wasn't to worry. And definitely not to feel she had to ask again. It was hers, they would make sure of it!

Except they didn't. Like so many other broken promises all throughout her childhood, the last one, made as she began her transistion to adulthood was also broken.

I can't make up for leaving her. I honestly didn't even know she needed me, she seemed to have it all together. I didn't see the need in her. I would have stayed and endured if I had know. For this, she has forgiven me.

The first week of July 2010 will mark her 25th high school reunion. How I wish I could get her that ring.


  1. Why not have one made especially for her? It wouldn't have to be very expensive, and would probably send her over the moon.

  2. Sheesh - the previous commenter said EXACTLY what I was going to say.....

  3. LOL great minds think alike.
    So, let's brain would I go about this do you think? I looked online but couldn't find anything for her high school at all, let alone 25 years ago... Cochrane High 1985.

  4. Do you know any of her classmates, or even anyone else who may have graduated from there within the same era? You can have one made that looks similar. Or you can just design one yourself and have it made. I don't think it has to be exact to be appreciated.
    Do you have any scrap gold? You can have it melted down to make the ring which would help with the cost.

  5. Hi Bag Lady, I don't know any of her classmates but know they have a Facebbok group so might check out that angle. I went onto Jostens and shanghied/designed a ring from Cochrane Calif. The final total for gold was $350...yikes!!

  6. Aside from jewelry, it is possible to sell almost any scrap gold you could already have. Scrap gold is simply just about any material that contains enough gold to be of financial worth.

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  7. Net - that's a great thought. I just don't have any scrap gold. I think the ring will just have to wait a bit.

  8. Walmart does class rings (I think) also call pawn shops they may have something??? Honk XOXO I have missed you and WD both!

  9. Hi Denise! Pawn shops are a Great Idea! WD and I have missed you all too!
    How goes the "Tara Wars?" LOL!

  10. The Tara wars go on...She has Tuckered me endlessly....Hope all is well with You all!!!! Miss you both much! Glad to see you posting here always make me smile if not laugh out loud!