Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank you for being a friend

travelled down the road and back again
Your heart is true,
you're a pal and a confidant...

We had a very nice weekend with our friends. True blue friends are difficult to come by and we are blessed with several.

My "sister from another mother", Janey and her hubby had us over on Saturday night for a wonderful Greek feast with pork and chicken souvlaki, tzatziki, lemon rice, Greek salad with tomatoes from their garden and homemade apple pie for dessert! They have a back yard that should be in a magazine and we sat out, enjoying the garden, the few stars we can see in the city and listening to her brother play his guitar and sing for us. We had a great, relaxing time. I didn't drink and was the designated driver to get us both home. We had a few chuckles about me nursing a ginger ale all night and I informed them I was having champagne. It says right on the label it`s the champagne of ginger ales.
As we went to get into our vehicle, my high heel stuck in a low spot on the newly sodded boulevard and I went down like a sack of potatoes. I had my hands full and my purse unzipped and stuff flew. I called out to the Nameless Man on the other side of the minivan, `Help`. Suddenly a young lady came running over, followed by her boyfriend and they picked me up, got me back on my feet and retrieved the articles that had flown out of my purse upon impact. No feminine products thank goodness. They dusted me off, asked me repeatedly if I was okay and once I`d reassured them I was, in fact, sober and unhurt they left as I climbed into the van. To find my loyal spouse sitting, gazing unconcernedly out the front windshield, waiting for me to get in. Too funny!!!
Guess I'd better learn to recognize my champagne of ginger ales limit. They say acknowledging you have a problem is the first step towards recovery.

Yesterday, we went to Penelope and Gordon`s for an excellent Indian meal of 3 different curries, saffron rice, nan, salad and a blueberry crisp for dessert. Gordon made the curry and had taught us how to do it. We try to duplicate his curries but he is the master. Perhaps being born in India and raised in Britain is the secret? A rousing game of Trivial Pursuit followed as always and I'm proud to announce we gals retained our championship belt and are undefeated. Penelope carried me, as always but is gracious enough to pretend I'm a little trivial too.
Gordon announced during dessert he loves huckleberries so now I have to search and see if we can get those here. It's a long drive to BagLady's methinks. And I am scared of finding out what a bear does in the woods or in the huckleberry bushes.
I'm not close with my siblings or mother and having these friends is our family. Family we chose ourselves in my humble opinion is the very best kind. Especially when they are as hospitable as our friends are!


  1. In fairness it is both champagne and ale.

  2. You must have been over your champagne and ale limit!
    Of course, I have been known to trip over air, so I can certainly sympathize.

    So, okay, if you afeared of going hunting in the wilderness for huckleberries, and don't feel like driving all the way to the top of the province to find some, I'll let you in on a little secret....
    One day when y'all have the desire for a day trip - get in your car and drive to Wetaskiwin. There is a restaurant there called, appropriately, Huckleberries. It serves a wonderful huckleberry pie (as well as actually quite good meals) that is almost as good as the Bag Lady's! *snort* They also sell huckleberry jam, etc.
    It is worth the drive.

  3. Sheesh - I should learn to check what I've written before I hit publish...
    I meant to type "If you ARE afeared of....." etc.

  4. Hello Ladies!
    Leah - Thanks. I will definitely keep an eye on my champagne and ale consumption in the future.

    Baggie -I called 12 or 15 growers and no one had the berries or can ship them. danggit.

    Never been to Wetaskiwin but looks like I need to take a drive. #1 son lives in St Albert so maybe when we head up to visit them... First pluots, now huckleberries. You're a bad influence BagLady!