Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm a skeered

I'm off to my cardio stress test in an hour. I'm pretty scared. I'm sure hundreds of people a day have these things quite successfully but... An acquaintance went for one and dropped dead on the treadmill.

So, I'm doing what I do best, which is worry....

In other news,

I discovered Apidexin is also a fat burner which explains how I lose weight even though I'm not very active yet.

My floors are very dusty and in need of my immediate attention but I must work this afternoon.

Yet another employee has quit. We had BOTH her and her husband working full time for $20 an hour each and she quit with NO freaking notice.

The Man Who Shall Remain Nameless wants to purchase annual memberships at a nearby fitness facility. I like to swim and he is a gym rat. I checked on prices yesterday and they are $1,100 for a family pass. Or, $5 per visit if you go at 9:30 at night.



  1. Would he then give up his gym membership? If so, the $$ would be well worth it. Do it, baby!

  2. Hi Katie, he says he might. It is a good gym there. It depends what time they open. He's excited about the free parking. They also have a nice indoor running track.
    The bad news is, the cardiologist told me not to take up swimming or any kind of exercise until all my tests have been done. So it's all on hold.

  3. Those are steep prices for a gym membership, hubby and I only pay $600 for a year. Hope you can find something cheaper. Hope the stress test goes ok. Sorry to hear about the 2 folks quitting on you too.

  4. Hi Dawn - yes prices here are outrageous! Hubby currently pays $850 per year for just a gym. It has a sauna. The one I am interested in joining has pools, hot pools, badminton, gymnastics, kickboxing, volleyball, full service gym, running track, and a nutritionist. WD and her boys could come too.
    Trained a new guy this afternoon, very methodical and detailed. It will all be ok.

  5. Helloooo, Thanks for your comments. I have been meaning to come by and say something halfway decent but I am usually at a loss (not weight).

    I did a stress test at 300+ lbs and didn't die from it. I'm sure you'll do fine. The worst that can happen is you can fall while they have it at maximum speed, hit your chin on the running mat and slide out the back end in a pool of your own blood.

    I can't believe people can afford to quit jobs.

  6. Welcome POD - I hope you'll come back again. Thanks for the reassurance about the stress test. I will try to stay on the belt. Although a good fall is always good for a laugh, eventually.

  7. I hope everything works out for you with the stress test. I've never had one... and am pretty sure I'd fail!

    Sounds like your weekend with cousin was great.

    Stay away from downtown, with all those pieces falling off the tall buildings!

  8. Hi BL, we did look at that building when we went to the Tower. Amazing how your entire life can change in one minute.

    I studied for my test and everything...oh wait, that was the urine test.

    I'll check in on you to see how the working (for filthy lucre) life is going.