Monday, September 21, 2009

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

I'm back. Did you miss me? I missed you. What do you mean what did I bring you?

This was a slow weekend. We went to the Inlaws for dinner Saturday. I did the marinating and barbequeing of the steaks. We also brought dessert. WD made fabulous fried broccoli with feta as well as whipping up a batch of corn dogs. I love it when we're invited for dinner and expected to bring it, prepare it and then wash up afterwards.

My MIL has the habit of "inviting" us over for dinner and then when we get elbow deep in the dishwater, she will take apart her stovetop and clean the fridge out so we can do the washing up. She's been pulling this trick for 30 years and I'm pretty tired of it so I took a pass. Is that bad?

We were very bad girls and skipped the dish washing phase of our evening, preferring instead to focus on playing with WD's new KitchenAid mixer (squee !!). She carried it home like a trophy of war and promptly made bread and pastry dough yesterday morning. Today she is making cookies. This despite the fact she is sick with a head cold and humongous canker sores that are causing her all types of pain.

She was kind enough (Wonderful enough) to share her head cold germs and so I spent yesterday and today sitting back, resting and recuperating.

The Changes in the title are the business. We have decided to split up. That's right, WD and I will no longer be the Dynamic Duo. No longer will we be Partners in Grime (and not just because I refuse to stop calling us that despite her begging).

We are going to drop all the extra work we do and only keep our regular weekly or bi-weekly customers. I will manage the gals who provide their cleaning service and Wonderful Daughter will return to the outside work force on a part-time basis.
Without the monthly, 3 weekers and move -in/move-out business there isn't enough to comfortably support us both. So heigh-ho heigh-ho for WD.

I get the best of all this scenario. I get the good clients. I get the girls to deal with and I get JC as my buddy since I will run the biz from her home.

She will get her kids looked after by their crazy nana who thinks fart jokes are funny.
And, maybe some light housekeeping.
I might even play with her mixer and whip up something for dinner once in a while.


  1. Well of course you deserve the better part of the deal!
    Your MIL sounds very smart indeed! My MIL invites us over for supper occasionally, too, and I usually do at least part of the cleaning up, but she doesn't expect me to do her stove and fridge, too! (Sure hope she doesn't read your blog - don't want her getting any ideas! :))

  2. Hi BagLady, I must have written that wrong. She came across looking smart?? She "lets" us do things as in, `Honey, I`ll let you take down all the stuff and wash the tops of my cupboards today`.

    When I first got married, she used to call me every day to offer advice on how to fold her darling boy`s underwear among other tidbits of lore. Stop laughing. It`s true.
    I am sooooo thankful for call display.

  3. That's what I mean by "smart"!! Interchangeable with "ballsy". 'Cause I would never have enough balls to ask a "guest" to clean the tops of my cupboards!
    (And I have cleaned the tops of my MIL's cupboards, but only because I had to paint up there.... did you ever see the video on my blog of painting mother's house?)

  4. I made 2 kinds of cookies and cinnamon buns yesterday. I'm dying to make shortbread today, but think I'll hold off until tomorrow.

    Y'all, when I was young Crazy Gramma (that's honestly how she spells 'grandma') would invite brother and I for sleepovers and go "My hands are hurting me so I'll LET you vacuum for me today."..."My allergies are acting up so I'll LET you make dinner tonight."..."I just don't feel like going out so I'll LET you go to the store for me." All while brother sat playing video games with Grandpa. We're not so much guests as free labour.