Friday, September 11, 2009

Hacking In...

Uninvited guest "Wonderful Daughter" here again.

You may have noticed I backed off the blog comments. Mom did, and asked why, and I lied. Told her I had nothing to say, though the truth is that I think she needs an outlet that doesn't involve me or my kids or he-who-will-not-allow-himself-to-be-mentioned. Something & somewhere just for her.

I'm breaking in today to let you know what's going on with her heart, she's too tired/depressed to do it and I don't think it's right to leave you worrying.

She has exertional angina, meaning when she exerts herself her heart does not get enough oxygen due to plaque build up in her arteries. She gets chest pain and it can lead to a heart attack. The doctor said it's unusual for someone her age (48) to have heart disease, so she has more tests later this month and next month, including a thallium test where they inject you with radioactive material that allows them to take pictures of the heart and track how much oxygen is getting to it after exertion and at rest.

She has been given very strict instructions about what activities she can & can't do, and is basically not allowed to do anything that exerts or stresses her body in any way. She has a nitro spray to take if the pain starts, and instructions that if the nitro doesn't work do not mess around and call an ambulance immediately.

The doctor seemed concerned about caffeine so mom has stopped taking the Apidexin because it contains stimulants. At this point she is not allowed to change her diet or exercise at all without prior approval from her doctor, which she can't get until after all the tests have been done.

She's understandably freaked out, but I'll encourage her to log in and post later.



  1. Not happy to hear this! "Not allowed to do anything that exerts..." My sympathies--I would go stir crazy really fast. I'm glad they want to do more tests; a solution would be nice, too.

    Thinking of you all,
    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  2. Oh crap! That sucks big time. I hope the doctors can fix you up soon.... it's amazing what they can do these days.

    And, just to be on the safe side, I still think you should stay away from all those tall buildings downtown! It would be such a pisser to have something fixable, but get knocked out by a piece of falling debris!!!

    Seriously, though, hang in there - follow the doctor's orders and get better soon. You're too tough to let this get you down!

    And thanks, Wonderful Daughter, for letting us know what's going on! Some of the rest of us aren't supposed to suffer any anxiety, either! :) (Just in case. You know. We're all getting older....)

  3. Thanks for your nice comments.

    I have thrown out the noisemakers and cleaned the spots on the carpets. The bottles are all ready for recycling and the place is all cleaned up.

    The Pity Party is over!