Monday, November 30, 2009

Why am I such a sicko??

After the last flu / whatever epidemic around here, I began taking Wild Oregano oil and Elderberry juice daily. Elderberry can be poisonous so you need to make sure you have expert advice. Which I sought. From some tree-hugging, granola eating girlfriends of mine.

Wild Oregano helps boost your immune system and apparently Elderberry was used to treat a flu epidemic in South America in 1995. The way I heard it, flu...erm, uh... germs? bacteria? cells? okay the flu "bad guys", have spiky bits and the elderberry helps your cells?" good guys" to stay smooth and slick so the spiky bits can't hook in,or on, or up or...something. (Betcha couldn't tell the holistic, natural way of taking care of your health is uncharted waters for me!)

So, I immediately went and bought this stuff. It was all working good...until I got distracted and stressed out over the weekend and totally forgot to take any. Now I have a head cold. Sheesh.... is it the stress or the lack of preventative??

I suspect this is a clever ploy by homeopathic health people to force you to buy more of their products, thereby making you healthier and capable of living longer, thereby spending money on these preventatives and cures for a longer span of time during your long, healthy life.
What a racket!


  1. I slam down 4000 mg of Vit C every day and hope that it does the trick. Oh, and I wash my hands about 4000 times a day, too. So far, so good. (knock on wood)
    Of course, the best way to avoid getting sick is to avoid people....... :)

  2. Totally agree with BL. People must be avoided.

  3. But I like people!
    Preferably Barbequed....