Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Mayhem

Today I spent the day at my In-laws, cooking, baking and cleaning to help out since my MIL ended up having emergency surgery in Saskatoon the day they were scheduled to return home. The In-Laws keep travelling out there for weeks and weeks on end to care for MIL's only sister who has terminal cancer.
Trouble is, MIL is 68 years old and working like a rented mule out there. While the rest sit back and take advantage of her. It is frustrating situation all around I think.
Anyways, I took WD's fabulous floor steamer down (since mine blew up) and FIL had a great time steam cleaning floors. I really should have bought stock in the company...I recommend them to everyone.

In the past few days I have made several batches of soup for MIL and Auntie to have and today I mixed up some Better Than Red Lobster biscuits. Although we didn't have garlic powder and substituted fresh chopped garlic, they were still good. Everyone liked them. Whenever I make them, I am always asked for the recipe so I guess they are good. My first visit to Red Lobster was last July and they didn't have any biscuits so I have never tasted these famous goodies.

I ran errands with my FIL and then in the afternoon took my MIL for a little drive and chat since she needed a shoulder to cry on. This is all so stressful for them.
Their house needed floors scrubbed, dusting, glass and bathrooms cleaned up. Whew...when I got home I napped while the Nameless man heated leftovers for our own dinner.

I didn't do anything at my own house and poor old Tikki was left on his own for the day. He watched a few movies, caught up on some ironing and redecorated his bedroom. Or maybe he played with the Tictac mints he stole out of my purse and then snoozed all day. Poor little guy, he is so used to going everywhere with me, he is at loose ends when I have to leave him. Typical spoiled poodle.
He is certainly full of P&V now. The mailboxes for our condo building are just opposite our front door so he is having a great time barking his head off at one of our neighbours who has come down to get their mail at 10:30 at night. I hope our upstairs neighbours aren't trying to sleep.

Tomorrow I am up at Katie's to do some baking and business... I will take the photo thingy and download the before picture...(GULP).

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  1. Floor steamer? What kind of floor steamer? Should I have one? (I need more toys. Does a floor steamer qualify as a toy?)

    And I LOVE Red Lobster's biscuits!! (In a way, it's a darned good thing the closest Red Lobster is 500 km away! That makes it a special treat whenever we travel to Edmonton. The last time we went to a Red Lobster was probably 5 years ago. Tells you how often we travel. Sigh.)