Monday, November 23, 2009

The Bad Blogger is Back

Hi!! Well...back yet again.
My laptop gave up the ghost and so I was off the air for way too long. At least to me...

But now I'm back, from outer space..I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face...

So. So much to tell you, Kidding. Same old boring Lilly Nana but on a new and improved computer.

Random stuff:

Cousin was here for the weekend to go snowboarding. Man, we love that guy. Sure glad he is a relative. Especially since I can't stand more than half of mine. (Betcha think I'm kidding...I'm not!)

Number One son has not come to see us. In fact we have not seen him or only granddaughter since July. Oh well.

Katie's kids are growing like weeds. JC entertained us today at the playground by going down the slide upside down and on his back. At the bottom, he would fly perfectly through the air and land on his head (and back) in the hollow in the gravel his body had made. He would lie there for about 90 seconds, no doubt regaining his wits, and then run around to climb the ladder and repeat the process all over again. We laughed until we nearly cried.

Since there is no H1N1 vaccine to be had in our fair city until maybe mid December (none of us play for the Flames) we have been giving the boys elderberry juice to help increase their resistance to the 'flu. This has made Dom very suspicious of everything we give him to drink, even though it tastes good. (Don't even get me started on the wild oregano oil taste!!)

Getting juice, any juice, into him has become a challenge.

Wonderful Daughter; Dom, come and drink your juice.
Dom: What kind is it?
W.D.: Elderberry
Dom: Does it have vitamins in it?
W.D. Nope
Dom: Did you add stuff to it?
W.D. Nope
Dom: Are you gonna drink some?
W.D. Yes, I had some.
Dom: Did it taste good?
W.D. Dom, you drank some yesterday and it was good.
Dom: Is JC gonna have some?
W.D. Yes, he is
Dom: Can he drink his first?

And on and on it goes. W.D. says the kid acts like if he was left alone to our nefarious devices, he will wake up in a bathtub of ice missing a kidney...

Let's see, what else...I bought yet another "walk" with an online buddy, Teresa. Shout out to Teresa...hey hon, I promise, I will catch up to you soon. As soon as I find a screwdriver so I can take off the back and remove the battery tab so the danged thing will work, that is. And, get WD to set it for me...

It is getting late here but I do have a few more random musings for you all. I guess since they are my usual drivel, they can wait until tomorrow.

But, here's a little teaser...I do have my "Before" pictures ready to download. Now, I know you've heard that one before but my laptop is working perfectly and I even have Windows 7 (whatever the heck that entails) no more excuses. Plus, Cousin is coming back in 2 weeks so I have a definite goal to lose enough that maybe he will notice the difference. Not that men ever notice anything...LOL.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Well now. I had no idea you were back online - Blogger hasn't been updating your status on my blog... don't know if there is something YOU need to do to fix that, but please find out! I missed out on a lot here and have a lot of catching up to do. I have been a little busy, myself, so was relying on that status update thingy to tell me when you were posting again. Sheesh.

    Elderberry juice??? (note to self *find elderberry juice - need all the help possible, as I am not going to get vaccinated.)