Friday, November 27, 2009

Heigh Ho Heigh Ho

Well, I'm off to work in a couple but just wanted to update my myriads of readers who are anxiously awaiting my next post.

This morning I weighed in at 200 lbs and then I walked 1.5 miles which is over 2,000 steps. I was gone 18 minutes.

I'm bursting my buttons and not just the ones over my gut for a refreshing change.

Katie, on the other hand, is working out in 30 minute sessions of cardio and pilates on her Bosu ball at least twice a day. Combined with her new eating plan, her self-invented "Boot Camp" is going very well just 3 days in.
She looks so good, even the Nameless Man commented on it. I think I may have mentioned in passing he notices very little. Lately, he is so stressed, when I speak to him he stares blankly at my lips like I am conversing in Swahili.

This weekend is the last one for Canadian football and the Grey Cup is being played right here in Cowtown. Our home team didn't make it past the semi finals but the best team in the West made it. Now I just have to survive until the Super Bowl in January...

Go Riders!


  1. Ohhh, good on ya with the walking! I'd love to know how many more calories you burned working!

  2. What kind of work? I'm confused now. You stopped cleaning houses, didn't you?

    And glad to hear you are walking! Since I started working, I have lost around 10 lbs (okay, okay, it bounces up and down, but more down than up - there can be a difference of up to 5 lbs in my weight from one day to the next) I've been dropping down into the next decade (I call every ten pounds a decade because it sometimes feels it takes that long to drop into it. sigh.) more often than not recently!
    I walk a LOT at work. Really. A lot. I wore a pedometer for the first month or so (until I dropped it and broke it) and was putting on an average of 2.5 miles daily, and that was just the walking at work - didn't count the rest of the day.
    gosh, this comment is turning out to be longer than your post! Sorry, I'll stop now.

  3. Hi Bag lady,
    I thought I stopped cleaning houses, but it's like the Mafia...they just keep pulling you back in. Actually, I rarely cleaned, we have subcontractors do the work usually.

    I have been looking for other work but without much luck so I have been filling in on the odd cleaning job. I enjoy cleaning and would like to continue...
    You travel against traffic, set your own schedule, work in sweats, have a coffee or lunch break whenever you feel like it and get to see great houses! All for dang good money...what's not to love?
    My walking is not going well. Tikki found it too cold from Friday onwards and now I have misplaced, not only his little puppy coat, but also his harness and second collar. Sheesh!