Thursday, October 29, 2009

What a bunch of Sickos!

We're all sick.

The Nameless Man has a bad cough that keeps him up nights. This is unusual because the NM gets up at 4:45 a.m. most days and goes to the gym. He is sickeningly healthy. Thanks to his cough, he is sleeping in the crap room (where should I put this crap? I dunno,... shove it it the spare bedroom.) and averaging 3 hours of sleep each night.

I have developed the 'flu, the non swine kind. I also have an infected ear due to no fault of my own. In other words, I did not have indecent relations with that Q-Tip. My left hip is out and I'm unhappy due to the decrease in my anti-depressants. Other than that, feeling peachy!

But enough about me. My main little buddy Tikki is also sick. he has been vomiting on and off all day. I suspect he snagged a chocolate cookie that JC may have set down. He has never been sick to his stomach once in his life but I now fully understand where the expression, "Sick as a dog" comes from.

Yesterday, JC came in the bedroom where I was lying, watching tv, resting my sore hip and asked for a sip of my 7-Up. Once he had a drink, he practically tossed the bottle onto the bed with me. Too bad he hadn't put the cap back on...

WD and I stripped the sheets and put on a set of the fabulous Egyptian cotton sheets I bought at the fall Home Show. They felt divine to slip into. Too bad they only lasted 70 minutes before my sweet buddy Tikki was sick all over them.

That wasn't the low point though. The true low point was when I carried Tikki to bed, as is our custom, and just as I got to the bedroom door, felt the warm splash as he was sick all down the front of me and over my bare feet.

I`ll venture a guess you are now feeling a little sick yourself.


  1. Poor you. Poor Nameless Man. But POOR TIKKI!! If he doesn't get better soon, I suspect a trip to the vet will be in order.
    Hope everyone feels better tomorrow!

  2. Vomit deets, keepin' it classy!! That's why we love ya.

  3. Thanks everyone!
    Leah - the humans are still down but Tikki has recovered.

    Bag Lady - I was too sick to take him to the vet but pulled him through with boiled rice and an electolyte drink I used to make when my kids were sick.
    1 litre water
    8 level teaspoons sugar
    1 level teaspoon salt
    We had to rehydrate him with an eyedropper and looking back, I think I nearly lost my little buddy. He is scrawny but bouncy again.

    Katie - Oh, THAT'S why!

  4. Well, I'm glad to hear you got your little buddy through it!
    I hope the rest of you are feeling better now, too.