Friday, July 31, 2009

Sweating like An Oldie

I wasn’t good with the walking yesterday but I did manage to get out and do some grocery shopping, make a nice family dinner for my in-laws and I was careful what I ate.

I was also very, very good last night ignoring the voices. And.... (drumroll) I only ate one piece of key lime pie even though it is one of my faves. So all in all, I was pretty pleased with the day. Pleased enough to step on the scale this morning and discover I lost (kettledrum drum roll) 4 whole pounds.The apidexin hasn't arrived yet but this is a good start.

still looks to be the same size but I worked her good today. Since people in my fair city are not interested in working as a residential cleaning lady for the mere pittance we pay, ($20 per hour) we are short-staffed. Wonderful Daughter and I worked along with my regular cleaning partner.

One of our gals quit with no notice after we had the audacity to inquire why she felt she should skip all the dusting in a client’s home and leave 40 minutes early. In fairness to the ex-worker, Wonderful Daughter was also consumed with a burning desire to know whether it was a rag from the toilet or just what exactly she used on the client’s mirrors.

Anyways, she had a “come-apart” as they so delicately call it in the South and told us exactly what we could do with all our cloths, whether they'd been dunked in the toilet or not. So, today with the high temperature of 26, we worked.

We began at 7:40 a.m. at the first home in the far SE sector of the city. It was a move out with the new owners showing up at 11:30 so cupboards, appliances, windows and all needed to be done. Quickly.
We think perhaps the house had been a rental since a butter knife with the unmistakeable signs of having been used to hot-knife hash was found. That’s not to say homeowners don’t imbibe. Just not usually.

The next home was 42 km away and we spent a little extra time at the move out, so we were already running late. The next one is a regular client’s home but it is 2,600 sq. Ft. And her Mother-In-Law is coming for the baby’s first birthday party tomorrow. So MAJOR Cleaning commenced.

If I do say so myself, it looked spectacular when we left. I even have a special little tool I use to brush each fringe on oriental carpets out. So, unless the mother in law was going into closets, it should be a happy day for everyone tomorrow.

It’s funny how much you “know” about people just from cleaning their homes. This client is a real jewel and I love doing her home. I just wonder what her adorable little guy is going to get for his third birthday in 2 more years because it appears he has everything now.

Wonderful Daughter spent a delightful 2 minutes checking out a ball popping toy that looked like a ton of fun.
I sure don’t remember stuff like that from when I was a kid. Silly Putty was a big, big deal. I tried eating mine and that’s probably why I don’t recall many of my other toys.

We grabbed a quick bite of lunch and then it was on to the next home. Except ,Wonderful Daughter staged a mutiny. It seems the next client was only expecting us if we could make it today and surprise... we couldn’t.

My regular partner backed her up totally, the disloyal wench! Since I have been trying to rehab a ripped muscle in the gluteal region (yeah that’s right, I broke my butt a couple weeks ago), I wasn’t as unhappy as I tried to pretend. They have worked with me enough to sense I wasn’t truly upset at the change in plans. Apparently, the maniacal giggling gave me away.

Wonderful Daughter is spending the long weekend with us because her boys have gone away with my in-laws. She kept me up until after 3 a.m. while we surfed the ‘net, giggled and visited. It was so nice to get a chance to catch up with her since I only see her 3 or 4 times every freaking week.

Still, we always have a ton of fun together and it was just great for her to have a break from single parenthood and the other outside stresses her life is plagued with.

Tonight, we are going to torment Dar, drink Cosmos and read. She treated me to the 5 book trilogy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy so, other than a BBQ with friends tomorrow night, they can expect to see only the top of my head until they put me and broken down old Shirley to bed.


  1. Enjoy your long weekend! It sounds like you've earned it. I was actually thinking about you today as I scrubbed my toilets.... doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

  2. Let me guess, you were thinking, "Boy I wish Lil' Nana was here so I could watch her do this!"

  3. Actually, I was thinking "I wonder what Lil'Nana uses to clean toilets! Bet she doesn't have to use the caustic chemicals I do!" (I have to use Hydrochloric Acid because of the well water.)