Friday, July 31, 2009

Guest Post - The Wonderful Daughter

Hello, all. Ok, none yet. I have hacked into Mom's email account (not a hard task at all), because I wish to clarify a few things.
Mom makes herself sound like an absolute heifer, which she is actually not. She is fat. I'll go as far as obese, but I worry that people are going to read her descriptions and think she's a disgusting 600lb woman who can't take care of basic hygiene because of the weight.
This is not true, but I know it's the impression you get, because it's the impression I got reading her posts, and I know better.

Basically, she's a 210lb shortie whose descriptive skills leave much to be desired.

Apparently she`s going to post some pics with her head cut off. In the picture only, duh. She's not going to go all post Ann Boelyn on us, she just wants some accountability. I'm all for this, and will probably be the one behind the camera, and who walks her through how to display them here. I may go as far as to teach her how to photoshop Anna Nicole Smith's head onto them, we'll see.

Now, I know there will be haters when this blog gets read by someone. I know these haters will post anon rude comments. You should know that this crap will be deleted, and Ill make sure Mom doesn't read that crap first. I will do anything I can to protect her, and very least of that will include hacking in and deleting your insults before she can be hurt by them. So save us all some time and don't bother, k?

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  1. I think it's awfully sweet of you to be so defensive about your mom, but reading her descriptions (and everything else she has posted so far) and the comments she has left on my blog have only made me wonder one thing -- why the HELL has she waited so long to start a blog!!?? The woman is hilarious!!
    And if I'm ever in your city, I'll be keeping an eye out for a short person walking a pink poodle!