Saturday, April 17, 2010


Oh My! Oh My Gravy (as they exclaim on this season's Amazing Race)!
Wonderful Daughter called a few minutes ago with Amazing News...

The soon-to-be-ex husband left her a voice mail message today. How he got her unlisted highly protected phone number remains a mystery and is beside the point right now.

He called to say... wait for it... he will not oppose the divorce any longer. She has been set free!

So, closure on this chapter of her life is imminent. Hopefully now, he will stop stalking her and threatening her with violence. I don't know if I already mentioned this, but the last time (and there have been several times) he violated what you would know as a restraining order and was arrested for it, he was sitting in her driveway, late at night, with a hunting knife in his pocket.

There have been other instances since then but that was the last time he actually got arrested for it. She has been through hell.

Hopefully his latest move is the beginning of an amicable end.


  1. I do hope he has come to his senses and that this isn't just some kind of double bluff! She still needs to keep her guard up, don't you think? (And change her damned phone number yet again....)

  2. Oh dear, that sounded quite negative, didn't it? I hope I'm wrong..... really, I do.

  3. Baggie, nothing said we weren't already thinking... We are hopeful...cautiously hopeful.
    It also turns out the reason for the decision is a young lady who had befriended WD some months ago... no doubt where the soon-to-be-ex got her phone number.