Friday, October 9, 2009

So Excited!

WD and the boys are coming to "pleep over" as JC would say. I haven't seen them all week which is like months for me.

WD and I have some catching up to do and the boys are going to get spoiled. Tikki is sensing the excitement and keeps trotting around importantly tuning up his chew toys. He is just waiting for nice fresh boy flesh to sink his baby teeth into.

My tests are in a week and although I'm still a little freaked, I just want to focus on the most Wonderful Daughter and her Amazing Boys.

More later I'm sure since I never seem to run out of drivel like my buddy Baggie. Speaking of Baggie...(see told's an unending stream of drivel) her readers commented they would like to know more about what is served at thanksgiving. I know we all enjoy many delicious things but I'd like to turn to the dark side if I may.

What is the nasty, weird or funny thing your family serves or requests for special meals? In my family, we used to have cranberry sauce out of a can. Lying there, still showing the grooves of the can it came sliding out of like it was a sculpture or something. Yuck. It wasn't until WD showed me how to make cranberry sauce from scratch that I discovered what a delicious thing it is.

In my Inlaws family it is a disgusting concoction I'll leave to WD to tell you about since it was her youth that was scarred. So, it's her story... (Yes, I'm shamelessly pimping for comments!)

P.S. I am trying to get a picture of Tikki up for you. I call it "Before he was a Monster"...


  1. I love cranberry in a can *smile*. See I would have never considered that nasty lol. So I have no idea whatelse I might serve that would be considered yucky. My sisters and I love fried scrapple does that count? Have a great time with your pleep over.

  2. Ugh...amrosia salad. This stuff is truly nasty guys. Mom's going to have to correct me here, I don't know everything that goes in, but it involves mixing these ingredients together and serving it as a side dish.
    Colored mini marshmallows.
    Sweetened condensed milk.
    Canned mixed fruit with syrup.
    Whipped cream.
    Throw into a bowl, mix, and watch dad, grandpa and uncle fight for the last of it. Crazee men!!